Fatboy Slim To Release Big Beach Bootique 5 CD/DVD

Fatboy Slim To Release Big Beach Bootique 5 CD/DVD
Out February 19th On The End Records

Click Here To Pre-Order 'Big Beach Bootique 5' (CD/DVD)

'Big Beach Bootique 5' Tracklisting
1. Fatboy Slim: Right Here Right Now
2. Fatboy Slim: Praise You
3. His Majesty Andre: Clubs
    The Black & White Brothers - Put Your Hands Up
    Fatboy Slim: Fucking In Heaven
4. Chuckie: Who Is Ready To Jump?
     2Symmetry: Lollipop (New Thomas Mix)
5. Firebeatz : Where's Your Head
     John Dahlback - Grunge
6. Bingo Players L'Amour
    Chuckie & LMFAO : Let The Bass Kick In Miami, Bitch
7. As Tequileros Do Funk : Surra de Bunda (Sidney Samson Remix)
     Tocadisco: That Miami Track
8. Nari & Milani vs Maurizio Gubellini : Up
    Fatboy Slim : Right Here, Right Now
    Felguk vs Tim Healey: Score
9. Fatboy Slim vs Riva Starr feat. Beardyman : Get Naked  (Fatboy Slim vs Futuristic Polar Bears Remix)
10. Bart B More : Traction
       Tittsworth: WTF
11. Lazy Jay - Reflux
12. Nari & Milani - Kendo
13. SYMPHO NYMPHO (Erick Morillo, Harry Romero, Jose Nunez) - Build It Up
14. Soul Central : Strings Of Life (Supernova Remix)
15. Fatboy Slim : Star 69
16. Sidney Samson & Steve Aoki - Wake Up Call
       Armand Van Helden: NYC Beat
       Fedde Le Grand/Mitch Crown: Rockin' High (Nicky Romero Mix)
       Incredible Bongo Band: Apache
17. Seductive - Take Control
       Fatboy Slim - Sunset (Bird Of Prey)
18. 68 Beats - Noise (Robbie Rivera Mix)
19. Fatboy Slim - Praise You

Click Here To Watch 'Big Beach Bootique 5' DVD Trailer


For Press

Sitting in his kitchen in Portslade, Norman Cook is ruminating on his travels over the past year. The mega-gig he’s just announced at Brighton’s Falmer Stadium is special – “I was involved with the fight to get Falmer built – I took a petition to Downing Street, I went on the marches – so it’s a celebration of Brighton, it’s a celebration of getting the stadium, it’s celebration of my links with the Albion, it’s the icing on the cake for all of us” – but it’s just one in a litany of amazing-sounding shows that Cook has played recently, a faintly deranged global journey stopping at all points from the Big Brother house in Brazil to the Great Wall Of China.

Playing a DJ set there, he says, was “one of those boxes that needed to be ticked off”, as if everyone has a to-do list stuck to their fridge with PLAY DJ SET ON GREAT WALL OF CHINA just below GET MORE BIN BAGS and DENTIST’S APPT. “Everyone said it was like playing at an M25 rave. It was in the middle of nowhere, two hours outside of Beijing, right by the Mongolian border, in the car park of the tourist center. There’s nobody there at night. We’d had our gear impounded at customs, we were fully prepared for the idea that it might not happen. And 5000 people turned up. Projecting lasers onto the Great Wall Of China! I don’t know how we got away with it.”

The trip to China was part of an epic journey that began in Ibiza and involved Cook flying around the world backwards (“I was fine, let’s be honest, my body’s used to far worse abuse than that”), stopping off at Detroit and Las Vegas along the way. The latter is the site of a new residency, at a new hotel purpose-built around something called a night-and-day-club. “They’ve got a pool area purpose-built for pool parties that the nightclub opens onto. We put the decks in the pool and everyone dances in the pool. You have to have towels everywhere because whenever you play a big tune everyone goes mental and the decks get splashed. It’s not a hardcore dance crowd, but it’s a party that couldn’t happen anywhere else in the world. It’s got Vegas, baby written all over it. 105 in the shade, everyone’s in bikinis. And that’s just the blokes.”

The former, meanwhile, encompassed something Cook calls “the defining moment of my recent career”, a headlining performance at the Detroit Movement festival. “To go to the home of techno, which I’ve bastardized so many times over the years…” his voice trails off in wonder. “I was invited by Carl Craig. I thought, this is going to be like when Tommy gets made in GoodFellas, I’m just going to get there and they’re going to shoot me in the back of the head. But it totally worked, it was like a big euphoric release at the end of the festival: this is what I’ve done with techno music. I think it’s because Americans can be a bit po-faced and purist about dance music, they’re scare of selling out. So someone comes in with a bit of a sense of humour and puts on a show…”

He still heads into his studio to chop up other people’s tracks for use in his DJ sets, to which end, he clicks a button on his laptop and out bursts a highly improbable mash-up of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, Armand Van Helden’s New York City Beat, The Incredible Bongo Band’s Apache and Prokoviev’s Peter And The Wolf, which is simultaneously brilliant, entirely ridiculous and the kind of idea that only Norman Cook would have. But at the moment, he’s concentrating on DJing rather than making records. “I did 70 gigs last year,” he says. “I’ve never done that many before. I’m just really enjoying doing the gigs, as a career. This is my job, I love doing it, I still seem to be getting away with it.”

That’s certainly one way of putting it. In Brazil, Cook has become – to his faintly baffled delight, “more famous than I am in England”, as a result of the DVD of his Brighton Big Beach Boutique II event becoming the must-have item for clubbers wanting to show off their flat-screen TVs. “They basically all watched the DVD of Brighton Beach and went: that’s our idea of a fantastic party. So, a promoter got Nokia involved, they paid for everything. We ended up with 360,000 people on Flamingo beach in Rio. It went out live on the telly. It was the biggest thing in dance music that had every happened in Brazil. That launched a whole career for me playing in Brazil. I love going there. It’s a fantastic country, amazing music, people and culture and food. I started spending a month of the year there. I went and DJed in the Big Brother house! And then, just out of sheer why’s-no-one-ever-done-that-before, I played at the Salvador Carnival in Bahia. 5 million people on the streets, me on an articulated lorry with a proper sound system on the top. It’s normally just samba bands, but I did it and everyone went nuts.”

These days, Cook’s show involves not just playing his own patented brand of “party acid house”, but a complex audio-visual production. “I’m technically a video jockey now. We write scripts for all the tunes, make films. In the past, I used to have to literally hold up the next record I was going to play to the guy who does my visuals, and he’d have to find the images to match it. And they were never synched. But now, because of the technology, no matter what speed I play at, even if I just chop quickly into it, the visuals are all synchronized. It’s a show.”

There’s more: DJing back to back with Carl Cox, unwittingly becoming FA’s “official World Cup DJ”, a forthcoming tour of “nice characterful old ballrooms in Britain”. It goes on and on: it shows no sign of stopping. “Oh no. I love it too much. I can still get away with it. It doesn’t matter that you’re old and bald and grey and fat, because you were never a sex symbol in the first place. We’re pushing new limits. No one knows what the cut-off age limit of a DJ is. And apparently, it’s not yet.” Norman Cook roars with laughter. “I take great delight in that.”

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Your American Teen DVD

Available on DVD February 19

A documentary about the sexual exploitation of teenage girls in the United States that features interviews with Daryl Hannah, Jane Velez-Mitchell,
Senator Ron Wyden, and more. 
Your American Teen is a full-length documentary about the sexual exploitation of teenage girls in the Pacific Northwest. One thing is clear, from incest, drugs, violent sexualized music, advertisements, movies, and sexual harassment in our schools, shopping-malls and internet; our girls are under attack.

Your American Teen, follows three teenage girls over three  years who suffered severe trauma as children and throughout their adolescence.  All had parents who were unable or unwilling to care for them. Their stories are horrifying and tragic and yet, in them, we see hope, innocence and beauty.

What makes it special?
Your American Teen gives the audience a painfully honest view into the underbelly of American society. Raw, unforgiving and beautifully crafted, "Your American Teen" is  truly a paradigm changer.

Who should see the film?
Every 30 seconds, another victim is forced into the world of human trafficking, many 12 years old and even younger.  Your American Teen is  a film that must  be seen by every caring adult in the United States and beyond. This film is an invaluable resource for educators and organizations interested in educating the public about the epidemic of  sexual exploitation of our children.

Who is behind "Your American Teen"?
Your American Teen was filmed in association with the Jennifer A Lynch Committee Against Domestic Violence.  This project was the brainchild of director and executive producer, Charles Taylor Gould.  

Charles Taylor Gould has been an advocate for children's rights for over a decade, building programs for Multnomah County Community Corrections (Portland, Ore.) that are designed to help boys and girls become productive men and women.

Charles began producing and directing his own film projects in 2009, with official entries in the Seattle International Film Festival, San Diego Black Film Festival, and a "Best Film in Its Category" award from the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival. He has acted for over a decade, sharing screen credits with Angelina Jolie, James Earl Jones, Vincent D'Onofrio and Gregory Hines.

Whether documentary, music video or narrative film, Charles's productions have one common goal: to give voice to neglected and abused children.

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Shiny Toy Guns "Somewhere To Hide"


MtvU premiered the official video for 'Somewhere to Hide' yesterday. MtvU says "the sound on the record is definitely maximal as the band made clear efforts to craft a deep tone that relied less on guitars and more on textured layers of synth action, pulsing drums and vocalist Carah Faye's electric howl."

Shiny Toy Guns will be hosting a rare, one-time-only LIVE acoustic performance for fans on StageIt.com. This worldwide, exclusive and interactive show will happen Wednesday, December 12th at 8p EST / 7p CST. Fans must reserve a seat as this will not be recorded or available on-demand after the show. 

Shiny Toy Guns is the exclusive music artist featured in the Virgin America Game Changer ad campaign with billboards throughout Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Boston and Chicago.

The band is currently featured as part of Pandora's Legends and Icons program, presented by by Toyota.  Other artists featured include Maroon 5, Carrie Underwood, Cold War Kids, and Temper Trap.

Shiny Toy Guns recently tour with MNDR with sold out shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Washington DC, and Chicago!  New tour dates to be announced soon.

Earlier in November, Shiny Toy Guns performed on NBC's Last Call With Carson Daly. This performance marked the Los Angeles electro-rock outfit's network debut since the October 22 release of their new album III, which features the first new material by the original line-up in five years.  In conjunction with the album's release, the band-Carah Faye (vocals), Chad Petree (vocals/guitar), Jeremy Dawson (keyboards/bass) and Mikey Martin (drums)- just wrapped a sold out headlining tour across North America.

Production on III is lush and dramatic, ranging from driving tracks like the first single due January 2013 "Somewhere To Hide," "Waiting Alone" and "Speaking Japanese" into a sonic pendulum swing to the genre bending "Fading Listening."  The band teamed up with legendary mixer Tony Maserati (Lady GagaBeyonceTaylor Swift, Alicia Keys) to finalize and sharpen the new 2012 sound of the band.  Unlike any other group out there today, Shiny Toy Guns' music is driving rock and electro spearheaded by a male and female vocal courtesy of Chad Petree and Carah Faye.

Media reaction to SHINY TOY GUNS III:

"Shiny Toy Guns 'III' is impeccable...one of 2012's best." 
--Mesfin Fekadu, Associated Press (October)

"The band's taut synth-pop and bombastic melodies are a welcome return..."
--Korina Lopez, USA Today, (9/20/12)

"Carah Faye Charnow rejoining Shiny Toy Guns was the best thing to happen to the Los Angeles band. III features the type of effortless electro-pop which made the act's 2006 debut, We Are Pilots, so irresistible. (Perhaps not so coincidentally, that was the last album on which Charnow appeared.) Gigantic, melancholy choruses lift up standouts 'Carrie' and 'The Sun'; the danceable 'Somewhere To Hide' is full of chic new-wave signifiers; and 'Speaking Japanese' is a hybrid of No Doubt's brash synth-punk and Sleigh Bells' cheerleader brattiness...the oceanic, pulsating love song 'If I Lost You' and 'Fading Listening'-which resembles a synth-pop cover of a Fleetwood Mac tune-are sublime."
--Annie Zaleski, Alternative Press (October)

"It erased all previous notions of what the band was about. The song is automatic and I've gotten a very strong response from our listeners when I play it."
-Jason Bentley, Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW on "Fading Listening"

"The quartet reunites for a joyful journey through electro-pop-rock, which sees vocalist Faye giving it her all and STG as a whole upping the musical stakes."
--Angus Thomas Paterson, ELEKTRO (Fall 2012)

View SHINY TOY GUNS videos:
"SOMEWHERE TO HIDE": http://youtu.be/zZVnajASm5A
SHINY TOY GUNS III: Upclose And Personal: http://youtu.be/100fIGJ0iAY

Find Shiny Toy Guns' III now on iTunes at: http://bit.ly/IIISTGoniTunes

Get to know SHINY TOY GUNS - Pandora Legends & Icons:  www.pandora.com/legendsandicons

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Concert for George 24 Hour Event


George Harrison's Official YouTube Streaming
Concert for George 24 Hour Event

Join us today in celebrating the life and music of George Harrison by watching the Concert For George documentary film.    WATCH NOW 
(The 24-hour event begins November 29 at 7am PST)

A free 24-hour stream of the Concert For George documentary film marks the concert's 10th Anniversary, when Olivia Harrison and Eric Clapton gathered with George's closest friends at London's Royal Albert Hall to celebrate his life the only way they knew how -
by playing his music.

Many thanks, georgeharrison.com

Follow us on 
Facebook & Twitter

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Matt Pond Announces Winter Tour Dates With Jukebox The Ghost

Matt Pond Announces Winter Tour Dates With Jukebox The Ghost
New Album The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hand Out February 5
Lead Single "Love To Get Used" Available For Download
 "An irresistible exercise in pop momentum" - NPR
Download "Love To Get Used" via Rolling Stone or Soundcloud

Matt Pond just announced a winter tour in support of his forthcoming album The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hand out February 5 on BMG. Matt Pond will tour across North America supporting Jukebox The Ghost. The tour will make stops in all major cities including New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Washington D.C. and more. Tickets for the shows go on sale November 30. Additionally, Matt Pond will be playing a series of acoustic shows next month in Florida. More info is available on the Matt Pond website.

Rolling Stone recently premiered the first single from The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hand "Love To Get Used," as a Daily Download. "The song specifically references the explorer side of my family," says Pond. "An endless loop of pride and regret, battling through a history of late nights." Read more and download the track at Rolling Stone.com or via SoundCloud.

Matt Pond has already accomplished what few rarely do. A career musician with a die-hard following that continues to grow with each album, and a resume that includes the title song for a motion picture soundtrack, a long running Starbucks holiday commercial (featuring "Snow Day," airing now) with a hook that's always stuck in our heads, selling over 100,000 albums to date; his success is matched only by his prolific outpouring of talent. But Matt takes those things with a grain of salt, in Lives he shows us what's really important.

With the new album, Matt Pond is stepping forward with striking honesty and humbling optimism and delivers his strongest work to date. And with this transformative record comes some distinct changes - removing the 'PA' that has accompanied his name for nearly a decade, his first official 'solo' release, and partnering with new label and longtime publishing partner, BMG.

Lives is an upbeat antidote to the pessimistic shift in the collective consciousness. It's an ode to the bittersweet reality that we are human, we are finite, and we are flawed. Matt gets to the core of his own humanity, and we can't help but listen intently to see what he finds. The album's first single "Love to Get Used," is a notably playful departure from what we've seen before."Let's hang on to abandon and hope we lose control" Pond insists in the uptempo indie-pop track, "to be out in the open baby and let go of the ropes." While "Hole in My Heart" strips down the frivolities and formalities that water down most songs about heartbreak, leaving us with a chillingly accurate, almost childlike description of the pain it causes. When times are tough though, art flourishes, and The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hands is a demonstration in how Pond is transcended by his art. "Someday I'll stop breathing," he says, "but I'll never stop singing." 

Matt Pond Tour Dates

12.07 - St. Augustine, FL @ Anchor Botique ^
12.08 - Naples, FL @ Fleischmann Park ^
12.09 - Orlando, FL @ Lil Indies ^
02.06 - Portland, ME @ Port City Music Hall *
02.07 - Hartford, CT @ Arch Street Tavern *
02.08 - New York, NY @ Webster Hall *
02.09 - Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar *
02.10 - Charlottesville, VA @ The Southern Cafe *
02.12 - Cincinnati, OH @ The Taft Theatre *
02.13 - Louisville, KY @ Headliner's *
02.14 - Columbus, OH@ Wexner Center *
02.15 - St Louis, MO @ Firebird *
02.17 - Nashville, TN @ Mercy Lounge *
02.18 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade [Purgatory] *
02.19 - Ybor City, FL @ Crowbar *
02.20 - Orlando, FL @ The Social *
02.22 - Houston, TX @ House of Blues Houston [Bronze Peacock] *
02.23 - Austin, TX @ Stubb's Jr. *
02.24 - Dallas, TX @ House of Blues *
02.26 - Phoenix, AZ @ Crescent Ballroom *
02.28 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo *
03.03 - Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios *
03.04 - Eugene, OR @ Cozmic *
03.05 - Seattle, WA @ The Crocodile *
03.08 - Minneapolis, MN @ Fine Line Music Cafe *
03.09 - Chicago, IL @ Metro *
03.10 - Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop *
03.11 - Toronto, ONT @ Horseshoe Tavern #
03.13 - Ithaca, NY @ The Haunt #
03.14 - Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall #
03.15 - Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer #
03.16 - Washington, DC @ 930 Club #

^ Matt Pond Acoustic Show
* = w/ Jukebox the Ghost, Matt Pond & Lighthouse and the Whaler
# = w/ Jukebox the Ghost, Matt Pond & The Spring Standards

For more info, please visit:

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METZ to release "Dirty Shirt"/ "Leave Me Out" digital single

METZ release "Dirty Shirt"/ "Leave Me Out" digital single on December 4!

Pitchfork TV live stream w/ King Tuff on December 19!

New live sessions from Noisevoxx, Slacker Radio & Daytrotter!

Updated tour dates for 2012-13!

Listen to "Dirty Shirt" here.
Watch "Dirty Shirt" trailer here.
On December 4,  Sub Pop will release the digital single for "Dirty Shirt" + "Leave Me Out" by Toronto’s METZThese songs were previously only available as a limited-edition 7" single, and “Dirty Shirt” can now be streamed online via Pitchfork.  Additionally, Pitchfork TV will broadcast a live streaming concert you can view on December 19 (at 12:30pm ET) featuring sets from METZ and label mate King Tuff.  This video piece gives a glimpse of both the figurative a-side of this single and METZ live in Toronto at the record release show for their 2012, self-titled debut album (see news story November 29).

METZ will wrap up their 2012 tour schedule with a show on December 19 in Brooklyn, NY at the Music Hall of Williamsburg with King Tuff.  Then in early 2013, the band will kick off a massive European tour, which begins on January 25 in Athens, GR at Six D.O.G.S. Cultural Center  and currently ends on March 12 in Brussels, BE at Muziekodroom. Please find a full list of tour dates below.
In related news, METZ have three new live sessions that feature versions of "Dirty Shirt" & "Headache" to share at this time: A Noisevoxx "Noisemakers" segment,  which was recorded in conjunction with "Live at Braund Sound" and "Stereospectacular" (watch here);  Slacker Radio (watch here); and  Daytrotter (listen here). The latter two  performances also include album cut "Wasted".   
METZ, led by the singles "Headache" (Mp3) & "Wet Blanket" (official video), is now available worldwide on CD, LP and digitally from Sub Pop. 
What people are saying about METZ:
“In the past ten years, independent bands have inched back toward the musical aggression that was something of a default for the community in the late eighties and early nineties. METZ, a trio from Toronto, have fully revived this confrontational, skilled and energetic approach. The guitarist-vocalist Alex Edkins, the drummer Hayden Menzies, and the bassist Christ Slorach have made one of the year's best albums…” ­– The New Yorker
"METZ songs tend to start with an isolated element-- Hayden Menzies' thundering, hammer-of-the-gods drum salvos, Alex Edkins' solitary guitar screech-- that immediately triggers a ticking time-bomb countdown for the moment when the band erupts in unison. You can see the storm coming from a mile atway, and yet, when Menzies, Edkins, and bassist Chris Slorach launch into the merciless, firestorm battering of "Negative Space" or the wrecking-ball swing of "Knife in the Water", it still startles like a sneak attack." - [8.5 / Best New Music] - Pitchfork
"The Toronto noise-punk trio METZ, on the other hand, were wild-eyed and brutally focused. Playing maelstroms more than songs, they’re like a less unhinged Jesus Lizard, full of coiled ferocity that engulfs you, releases you briefly, then swallows you up again. This year’s Sub Pop debut only hints at their live intensity." ["CMJ's Most Talented 10"] - SPIN.com
"They're pretty much a burst of musical brutality. And seeing them last night at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn was more than an affirmation of that. A trio from Toronto, they'll sit nicely next to your Melvins and Nirvana and maybe even Wire. In other words, their edge is more than attitude and volume and speed." ["CMJ Discoveries: Day 3"] - NPR's All Songs Considered 
Tour Dates
Dec. 19 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg*
Jan. 25 - Athens, GR - Six D.O.G.S. Cultural Center
Jan. 26 - Larissa, GR - Stage Club
Jan. 28 -  Manchester, UK - Soup Kitchen
Jan. 29 - Glasgow, SF - Broadcast
Jan. 30 - Leeds, UK - Brudenell Social Club
Jan. 31 - Brighton, UK - Green Door Store
Feb. 01 - London, UK - Birthdays
Feb. 04 - Amsterdam, NL - Paradiso
Feb. 05 - Nijmegen, NL - Merleyn
Feb. 06 - Lile, FR - L'aeronef
Feb. 07 - Paris, FR - Point FMR
Feb. 08 - Clermont Ferrand, FR - L Cooperative de Mai
Feb. 09 - Poitiers, FR - Confort Moderne
Feb. 10 - Toulouse, FR - Dynamo
Feb. 12 - Porto, PT - Plano B
Feb. 13 - Lisbon, PT - ZDB
Feb. 14 - Madrid, ES - Siroco
Feb. 15 - Barcelona, ES - La 2 de Nista
Feb. 16 - Saint Malo / Brittany, FR - La Route De La Rocke
Feb. 18 - Zurich, CH - Mascotte
Feb. 19 - Fribourg, CH - Fri-Son
Feb. 20 - Milan, IT - Ligera
Feb. 21 - Rome, IT - Traffic
Feb. 22 - Bologna, IT - Freakout
Feb. 23 - Zagreb, HR - Park (Purgeraj)
Feb. 25 - Vienna, AT - Arena
Feb. 26 - Munich, DE - Orangehouse
Feb. 27 - Nuremburg, DE - K4
Feb. 28 - Leipzig, DE - Nato
Mar. 01 - Hannover, DE - Cafe Glocksee
Mar. 02 - Hamburg, DE - Molotow
Mar. 03 - Berlin, DE - Berghain Kantine
Mar. 04 - Copenhagen, DK - Vega
Mar. 05 - Gothenborg, SE - Pustervik
Mar. 06 - Oslo, NO - Blaa
Mar. 08 - Malmo, SE - Debaser
Mar. 09 - Stockholm, SE - Svenaska Musikklubben
Mar. 10 - Zeewolde, NL - Where The Wild Things Are
Mar. 11 - Brussels, BE - AB Club
Mar. 12 - Hasselt, BE - Muziekodroom
*w/ King Tuff

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Rage Peace channeled by Prince Rama. Photo credit Samantha Casolari. 
Following the recent release of their fantastic Top Ten Hits of the End of the World, Prince Rama are back to share Emeralds member Mark McGuire's "Road Chief Destroyed Soul Mix" of Top Ten single "So Destroyed". The track comes in conjunction with the announcement of a string of December US tour dates, on which the band will embark once they finish up their current European jaunt and a quick stop in Brazil to play Novas Frequencias Fest. Check out Mark McGuire's take on "So Destroyed" along with all upcoming tour dates for the band below.

MP3: "So Destroyed (Mark McGuire's Road Chief Destroyed Soul Mix)" -


11/27 - Vienna - Austria - Arena Vienna
11/30 - Paris - France - L'espace
12/1 - Utrecht - Netherlands - Le Guess Who? Fest
12/4 - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil - Novas Frequencias Fest
12/6 - Miami - Florida - James Hotel ^
12/7 - Miami - Florida - Gussman Center for the Performing Arts +
12/8 - Sarasota, FL @ New College of Florida
12/12 - Cleveland, OH @ Happy Dog
12/13 - Healthy or Hungover LIVE  - Detroit, MI @ Salt & Cedar
12/14 - Detroit, MI @ Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit
12/15 - Chicago, IL @ Schubas
12/16 - Indianapolis, IN @ Big Car Service Center
12/18 - Columbus, OH @ Skylab Gallery
12/19 - Baltimore, MD @ Windup Space
12/20 - Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong
12/21 - Brooklyn, NY @ Venue TBA

^ = w/ Thurston Moore
+ = w/ Chromatics

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Electric Flower Group Premiere New Video "The Electrician" Via Paste Magazine



"The Electrician" : SoundCloud (approved for posting)

See Paste Magazine Video Premiere Here: 

LA-based psych-rockers Electric Flower Group are already mind-blowing on record, but for their new video "The Electrician," they've synched the music with the gonzo 1977 Japanese cult horror film House. EFG's dark, sonically overdriven take on the Walker Brothers' classic "The Electrician," combined with House's lush and insanely bizarre visuals, culminates in an aural and sensory freakout, both of which were personally approved by Scott Walker himself. EFG, comprised of guitarist Imaad Wasif and drummer Josh Garza (Secret Machines) have two EPs under the EFG moniker. 
Along with brief stints in the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Lou Barlow's Folk Implosion, Wasif has released three solo albums. He also collaborated and wrote songs with Karen O for the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack. In 2012, EFG were handpicked for opening dates with Dinosaur Jr.

Do yourself a favor and check out the band and video that will soon have everyone talking. 



12.1 Los Angeles, CA @ Down & Out
12.5 Los Angeles, CA @ The Fonda*

*with Paul Banks

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Neil Young & Crazy Horse To Perform Benefit Concert For Victims Of Hurricane Sandy

For Immediate Release:




November 29, 2012 - (Atlantic City, NJ) - Neil Young & Crazy Horse have announced that they will perform a special benefit concert on December 6th, 2012, at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, NJ, with proceeds going to aid victims of Superstorm Sandy. Devastated by the damage and displacement caused by hurricane, Young urged: "Come on down here and join in the relief effort."  
Proceeds will go to the AMERICAN RED CROSS HURRICANE SANDY relief effort.  For more info go to: redcross.org/hurricane-sandy
Tickets for the event, billed as "A Special Evening With Neil Young & Crazy Horse," go on sale Friday, November 30 at 10am at TheBorgata.com or by-phone at 866-900-4TIX (4849) and will be priced at $75 and $150. All seating is general admission. Everest will open the show. Young will be available for a select number of interviews regarding the Hurricane relief.
Crazy Horse, which is Young, Billy Talbot, Ralph Molina, and Poncho Sampredo, has been touring North America this in support of its latest album Psychedelic Pill.

# # #

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