Secret Machines @ Key Club


Secret Machines


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White Lies @ The Roxy

white Lies


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Mark Mothersbaugh: beautiful mutants

Mark Mothersbaugh
"Beautiful Mutants"

November 6 - December 6, 2008
Reception: Thursday November 6, 7-9pm


Bottom Heavy Pug © 2008 Mark Mothersbaugh

Rorschach’s patterns, though abstract, suggest different visual images to each person who views them, and each interpretation is correct. Objects in this world are what they are to you because of how you happen to see them.

People are all hiding something. Many know exactly what that is, while most probably have no idea. Our asymmetrical exterior hides the true contents of each of us.

Aztec Indians built gigantic Kaleidoscopic pyramids that focused light from the sun through complex polished silver mirrors that reflected and flipped images of humans onto walls, giving rise to the celebration of a quest for true symmetry in their lives. In the 1800’s people would flirt with these ideas and play parlor games with signatures, paper cuttings, etc. It was in the early 1900’s that Rorschach and other psychiatrists developed theories and medical practices (inverted, as it turned out) based on their intuitive hunches regarding symmetry and the internal workings of man. Humans, great pretenders to bi-lateral symmetry, are in actuality, closer to potatoes in their lack of precise symmetry. A closer look reveals what is truly inside the people around us.

The photographs in this show were corrected in order to examine those who have walked the planet before us. Theoretically symmetrical in generalities, the subtle potato-like qualities of the human form allow the tenants of these bodies to hide within their asymmetric muddiness.

These corrected photographic images allow the true tenant of these human faces and figures to be ‘flushed-out’ and viewed without the disguise that we all so expertly hide behind.

For this project, old photographs were “corrected” using a combination of both antiquarian hand-crafting and modern computer technology. Other images have been enlarged to reveal details that might be over-looked at a smaller size.

These images were my personal favorites from over 3000 different tests created between 1999 and 2007 from original image sources that included personal photography, old photo booth strips, and daguerreotypes and ambrotypes obtained from a wide variety of sources including research facilities, antique shops located around the world, and online auction sites.

–Mark Mothersbaugh

Artist's Biography

Mark Mothersbaugh is the founding member and singer for the legendary band DEVO, and has been a successful composer for the movie industry for decades. Mark's love of art started early in his childhood, just after it was discovered that he was extremely nearsighted and legally blind.

His first correctional glasses offered Mark a new view of the world, inspiring his obsession with imagery and illustrations. His first works, which he began creating in the late 60's and into the 70's, consisted of many different mediums, including rubber stamp designs, ink illustrations, screen printing, decals, and mail art. He participated in local showings, and received recognition for his work in his home town of Akron, Ohio.

With DEVO, his most successful music project, Mark was able to showcase his artistic abilities on a larger scale, and to millions of people. Through their films, videos, costumes, LP covers, stage shows, and printed materials, Mark and DEVO forever altered commonly held preconceptions of how a rock band should function in popular culture.

During his downtime on early worldwide tours with DEVO, he began illustrating on postcards to send to his friends, which he still creates, and has been creating every day for over 30 years; A very obsessive habit which still yields anywhere from 1 to 25 new images per day. These cards were originally created as his personal diaries, and were never intended for public viewing. That all changed when Mark decided to share his postcard works in his critically acclaimed solo shows during the 80's & 90's, and then with his gallery tour in 2003 titled HOMEFRONT INVASION!. This marked the beginning of many solo shows to come.

Mark followed the 2003 tour with his BEAUTIFUL MUTANTS tour in 2004, which showcased his photographic symmetrical creations and 'corrected' imagery. The tour distributed many more of Mark's works throughout the world, and attracted more first-time gallery visitors & art buyers to his shows.

Mark's gallery tours since 2005 have featured new works from both his Postcard Diaries Prints and Beautiful Mutants photographs, giving each gallery a choice of either visual theme. The Beautiful Mutants exhibit at Los Angeles Center for Digital Art represents the most current showing of this series.
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Patti Smith @ Orpheum

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Patti Smith @ Orpheum


Patti Smith


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Megapuss Interview


By alexander laurence

Megapuss is a new band from Los Angeles. The members include Greg Rogove (of
Priestbird) and Devendra Banhart. Fab Moretti (of The Strokes) is also a
member. Other members include Noah Georgeson, Rodrigo Amarante, and Aziz Ansari.
They played their first show this summer at the Hammer Museum. This performance
was highlighted by the band wearing “penis skirts.” The second gig was a free
show at Spaceland. This ended up being a crazy event and a line of hundred
people were left outside. I caught the band on their first proper tour. They
have an album coming out in October 2008. I spoke to Greg Rogove before the show
at the Troubadour.

AL: How is Priestbird doing?

Greg: We are in the middle of making a record right now. I am going to
Seattle next week. We are going to finish that up.

AL: How did Megapuss start then?

Greg: When we were touring for the “Smokey” album, Devendra and I, we went
to Europe and the states. We had a list of song titles. We had “Food City.” We
had “Doctor Beaver Mustard.” We had “Duck People Duck Man” and “Surfing.”
That was the band at the beginning: we had all these song titles. We were
happy with this idea for a band. We could write down song titles on the bus or
anywhere. We had some downtime before shows. We said: “Let’s get into music
again. Let’s write a song in fifteen minutes.” We would look at the list. “What
does Hamman sound like?” And we would write something really fast. And then we
would play a show…

AL: It’s like the idea “First breath, best breath…”?

Greg: Yeah, exactly. What do you see when you open your eyes in the morning.
What ever it is. Do something with that. When we finished the tour, we got
home, and we had written sketches for 25 songs. When we finished the tour, we
decided to make a record. We set up a little studio in our house in Echo Park.
It’s right under Route 5. So the traffic is part of the sound. We made a record
in a few weeks and we had a great time.

AL: Was that song “Shabop Shalom” an influence on Megapuss?

Greg: I see what you are saying. I performed that live but Devendra wrote
that story. Noah did it on the record. I did it live because everyone else was
playing something. I think the band just started with us and our sense of humor,
and how we make each other laugh.

AL: There was something going on that was Megapuss, but it didn’t have a name?

Greg: It’s the dialogue of Devendra and I. Fab Moretti was lurking around our
property a lot. Creepily he was scurrying around like the raccoons. He was
homeless and we brought him in. Everyone goes through some homelessness at some

AL: He was a stray dog?

Greg: He was a stray dog that we shaved his whole body. We asked him to sing
on one of the songs. He helped write and he sang on “Theme From Hollywood.”
We brought in a bunch of friends like Rodrigo, Noah, Luckey, and Aziz Ansari.
He is an incredible actor and comedian. He sings on “Duck People Duck Man.”

AL: Was there any new music influences on this new record?

Greg: I would say that it was backwards. After we made this record, we
discovered a lot of music that was just like it. I knew those records were out
there. Some of them we had heard before. But most of it resurfaced or we heard
afterwards. It was not a conscious thing. It just seemed very natural to do this

AL: When your friends heard these tracks, who did they mention?

Greg: I think the most accurate is Hasil Adkins. He is a legend. There are
Ween and Tenacious D. If Ween and Tenacious D weren’t funny they would be
Megapuss. Jack Black is awesome. That song “Piggies” by The Beatles is really

AL: It’s playful.

Greg: Playful and lighthearted. It’s out there to inspire, to incite but not
overwhelm. We were in a good place when we wrote the record. So it’s about
being happy and excited. It’s a tangible object for people to share.

AL: When does the record come out?

Greg: It’s out on iTunes. The actual physical release will come later in
October 2008 on Vapor Records. We are excited.

AL: Megapuss has played a few shows so far. Maybe people who are fans of the
other bands, may not know about it yet. It seems like maybe Megapuss is a very
different world from the music of Devendra Banhart and Priestbird. Can you
talk about that?

Greg: Disparate may be the word. It may not come across as being as serious.
There is serious humor and lightness in it. The name Megapuss means “big
kiss.” It’s definitely in line what our whole group, and our friends, are doing.
It’s there to inspire and uplift. We are spreading love and making peace

AL: The first show was at the Hammer Museum. What was that about?

Greg: The Hammer show was a collaboration with Lauren Dukoff. She was showing
her photos and we were doing the music for that. That was the very first

AL: There has been a lot of talk about the “Penis Skirt.”

Greg: There has been enough talk about that. It was just an accoutrement to
the show. It somehow became the focus. There is a lot of penis imagery. That is
to offset the misconception of “Puss.” Megapuss doesn’t mean Big Pussy.
It’s wrong. Penises are good.

AL: Who made those skirts?

Greg: Devendra made the skirts. Since they have been used I don’t think
anyone wants them. We are going to burn them.

AL: The second show was at Spaceland with Warpaint. Could you talk about that

Greg: That was our first club show and it was near where we live. We got our
friends together for that show. We were there for Warpaint. They are an
incredible band. Here is our good friend, and drummer, Fab Moretti. (points to him).

Fab: I want to get a beer.

AL: How did that show go?

Greg: It was hot and awesome. Everyone got hurt from the alcohol. But in a
good way. Megapuss does a lot of drinking, but less than the Strokes.

AL: Who is playing with you tonight?

Greg: We have a great scene tonight. We have Little Joy, which is Fab’s other
band. I play drums in Little Joy, and Fab plays drums in Megapuss. That is
the barter exchange. Little Joy and Megapuss is essentially the same band, but
we switch instruments. We will play each other’s songs. So it might be
unfortunately boring for the crowd.

AL: Will there be a costume change between bands?

Greg: If we are inspired there will be. Even if we weren’t playing shows, we
would be hanging out. We would be drinking Mai-Tais. I like that Tropical
feel. Little Joy is like surf rock. It’s like Brazilian surf doo wop. Megapuss is
about the summertime.

AL: Did you record it in the summer?

Greg: We recorded it in March. Little Joy we did over the past year.

AL: You recorded all those songs?

Greg: We recorded sixteen songs and put out fourteen. We will be playing ten
songs live.

AL: “Adam & Steve” is a new take on the Bible.

Greg: It’s about the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve ate the fruit and were
banished from the garden. Adam and Steve were gay lovers and they ate from the
fruit but loved each other and stayed in the garden. They lived in perfect
harmony and are still there.

AL: Will you perform telekinesis onstage?

Greg: We are such close friends. We are going to morph into each other. It
will be real shape shifting. The changing of body chemistry onstage.

AL: What have you been up to this summer?

Greg: There has been a lot of surfing. It’s a new thing. Noah surfs a lot. I
thought I was good. But Rodrigo came from Brazil and he took over. I claim
second best though.

AL: Have you seen any good films?

Greg: Ghostbusters is good. I like Point Break.

AL: The motto of Point Break is “If you want to experience the ultimate, you
have to risk the ultimate.” How do you feel about that?

Greg: That is how we live. We risk our lives for music and glory, just like
Johnny Utah.

AL: Priestbird is going to finish a record soon?

Greg: Yeah. We are working in Seattle with Stone Gossard. We should finish it
soon and it should be out in Spring 2009. He is the funniest man on the

AL: Are there any good books that you have read? Megapuss is all about
inspiration, getting centered, and looking into the light, in my opinion.

Greg: There have been a few books. I hope that I don’t sound pretentious, but
I was reading The Brothers Karamazov..

AL: Everyone has to dip in the Russian novel at some point.

Greg: I have never read any Dostoevsky. It’s great. It’s so good. It’s a
long novel, and I hit a rut. I switched over to In Defense of Food by Michael
Pollan. All of his books are good. I got bored of that and switched over to Lord
of The Flies.

AL: Is Dostoevsky going to figure into the new Priestbird record? That is
like a high art influence?

Greg: Actually I have been reading The Far Side. Devendra, the other half of
Megapuss, is really into Swamp Thing. He likes all the Alan Moore comics.

AL: Any final words to the fans? Any message? Words to live by?

Greg: Three words: peace is possible.
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WIRE video (echoplex) new song

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Santogold @ HOB anaheim





mates of state


Alice Smith



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Tomorrow; WIRE at echoplex

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Zoo Magazine #20 : Ray Liotta

I did this interview with Ray Liotta this past summer at Chateau Marmont. Bryan Adams did the photos. You can pick up Zoo Magazine at the news stand at Hollywood and Cahuenga. Or at South Coast Plaza.

Ray Liotta

by Alexander Laurence/photography Bryan Adams

Ray Liotta is a well-known actor and a man of mystery. Tall, with light brown hair and intense green eyes, he has the air of a tough guy. Certainly, on screen, Liotta specializes in playing tough, albeit psychopathic characters - whether a corrupt Justice Department official who is eaten alive in Hannibal or a gangster in Goodfellas.

I met Liotta at Hollywood’s famous Chateau Marmont hotel on a late summer day in July. He seemed only slightly less fearsome in person. He appeared uncomfortable about doing an interview and being photographed. He also asked a lot of questions, including: “What kind of magazine is this?”

Liotta does not court publicity so very little is known about him. When I delve into his personal life, I uncover more speculation and myth than actual truth. Yes, Liotta is a soccer fan, but no, he is not a fan of Tottenham Hotspurs, as it is often reported.

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Downtown Artwalk DJ Night: October 9th

Playlist October 9th 2008

Hot Chocolate "You Sexy Thing"
Primal Scream "Accelerator"
Beck "Gamma Ray"
Chemical Brothers "Leave Home"
Air "Sexy Boy"
Telepathe "Chrome's On It"
MGMT "Kids"
Daft Punk "Around The World"
Ladytron "Playgirl"
The Ting Tings "Shut Up and Let Me Go"

The Jackson 5 "The Love You Save"
Hot Chip "Ready For The Floor"
TV On The Radio "Wolf Like Me"
DFA 1979 "Romantic Rights"
LCD Soundsytem "Time To Get Away"
The Rapture "Get Myself Into It"
CSS "Pretend We're Dead"
Goldfrapp "Strict Machine"
Crystal Castles "Crimewave"
MIA "Paper Planes"

Santogold "Creator"
Soft Cell "Tainted Love"
The B-52s "6060-842"
The Sweet "Fox On The Run"
Echo and The Bunnymen "Rescue"
Generation X "Gimme Some Truth"
The Kills "Cheap and Cheerful"
Oasis "The Shock of The Lightning"
Primal Scream "Can't Go Back"
The Duke Spirit "Lasso"

Iggy and The Stooges "Shake Appeal"
The Mamas and The Papas "Straight Shooter"
Portishead "Machine Gun"
Gorillaz "Clint Eastwood"
Junior Boys "In The Morning"
Jarvis Cocker "Fat Children"
Soulwax "NY Lipps"
Kraftwerk "Pocket Calculator"
Throbbing Gristle "United"
Nilsson "Coconut"

Peaches "Operate"
Roxy Music "Virginia Plain" (headman remix)
Chemical Brothers "Setting Son"
Duffy "Mercy"
CSS "Left Behind"
The Knife "Like A Pen"
The Go! Team "Bottle Rocket"
Grace Jones "Pull Up To The Bumper"
Pulp "Common People"
Bow Wow Wow "I Want Candy"

Heart "Straight On"
Blondie "Rapture"
The Dandy Warhols "We Used To Be Friends" (Kenn Richards remix)
MGMT "Time To Pretend"
Massive Attack "Inertia Creeps"
Stereo Total "Automatic Music"
Blonde Redhead "En Particulier"
Morningwood "Nth Degree"
The Rapture "House Of Jealous Lovers"
Simian Mobile Disco "Tits and Acid"

New Order "Sub-Culture"
M "Pop Music"
Wall Of Voodoo "Mexican Radio"
Crystal Castles "Vanished"
Kim Wilde "Kids In America"
Hercules and The Love Affair "You Belong"
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds "Dig Lazurus Dig"
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This THURSDAY: downtown artwalk


Downtown Artwalk w/ DJ Alexander
Music Is My Boyfriend™

Thursday, October 9, 2008 at 9:30pm
Bar 107
107 West 4th Street @ Main
Los Angeles, CA

The plot is simple. We spin records and you drink, and have meaningless sexual encounters with dodgy downtown characters. Or just get some phone numbers for future phone sex. Drinking is forgetting. Music keeps the eye on the prize. Children are being conceived just thinking about about this magical night. See the light. Touch the stars. Taste the rainbow.
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A Place To Bury Strangers @ Wiltern



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Beach House @ Spaceland

Beach House


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Detour Festival


Cut Copy


Cut Copy


Shiny Toy Guns


Hercules and the Love Affair

black lips

Black Lips


The Mae Shi


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The Dandy Warhols @ wiltern





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Spectrum @ the Echo



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